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  • How will they weather and what should I do to maintain my statue?
    The degree in which the statuary weathers will vary depending on the situation it is placed in. A shady, damp spot will obviously cause more moss and mold and aging to occur on the article than a position in full sun. Consideration should also be given to placement of fountains and water features and birdbaths which hold water, as this can attract algae and mold growth. Whilst natural aging can have a desirable effect on the sculptures as the aging develops character and appeal to the garden, some people prefer the “like new” finish. If you prefer your statues to remain looking like new, then a silicone sealer can be applied. This is not usually recommended by Creative Castings, as we believe a better alternative is simply washing down the statuary when required with water and a soft brush.
  • Where and how are they made?
    All of our statues are manufactured right here in New Zealand. Our factory is based in Waltham Road, Christchurch. The process begins by creating an original design and then sculpting it. The mould is taken using the highest quality materials available to maintain 100% of the original details. On completion of the mould the reproductions are ready to be manufactured. All hand-made individually, the statuary is cast. With attention to detail, each article is hand finished, ready for your enjoyment. Due to the nature of the manufacturing process of cement based products by hand, all articles will vary slightly. Customers can expect some slight variations in colour and uniformity. Such variations are within manufacturers tolerances and in no way reflect an inferior product and does in fact create a truly individual piece of art.
  • What are the statues made from?
    Creative Castings statuary is made from a special mix of locally sourced natural raw materials blended into a cement base.
  • Freight Quotes and Delivery options
    We regularly ship our statuary throughout New Zealand. If ordering online your shipping will be calculated at checkout. We also offer a personal delivery service within the Christchurch area. Please feel free to organise your own freight company if you prefer or you are welcome to collect your order directly from our Christchurch factory. Whilst freight damage is rare, any claims against transit damage must be lodged within 7 days
  • How do I position my statue in the garden?
    In most situations the statuary does not need a perfectly level surface. However if you have purchased a water feature or componentary set (such as a birdbath or pedestal & urn), then a level surface is essential. One option in achieving this is by placing crusher dust underneath the base unit. Securing articles together (with products such as mortar or No more nails) is also recommended to further stabilise the product set up.
  • How should I install my water feature?
    Most of our fountains are easy to set up and don’t require any installation instructions. It is usually as simple as placing the components together, filling with water and turning on the power! However, here are some simple recommendations to keep in mind….. * Ensure each component of the fountain is level to allow the water to flow evenly and effectively. * A registered electrician should always be employed to install fountains requiring wiring work. * We recommend silicone to seal the hole in the fountain bowls where the pump cable is to be run through. This should be left for 48 hours or as per the recommendations on the product packaging. * If the water feature is outside and exposed to the elements, we recommend checking the water level regularly to ensure there is sufficient water to cover the pump completely, as often the wind and sun can drain the water surprisingly quickly. * Always remember to check the pump is completely submerged under the water before turning on the power, otherwise the pump may burn out and you will need to replace it. * Keep debris and leaves out of the water reservoir to keep the pump filter clean and to ensure the pump continues to work competently. This will also keep the water quality at a better standard. * In the case of larger water features with many components, base units should be mortared in place where possible to ensure a stable and level surface on which to build the balance of the water feature. * We recommend for any kit set items, (made up from more than 1 item) such as Birdbaths and Fountains, be secured together with a product such as “No more nails”. This will lessen the chances of damage due to outside factors – jumping cats being the usual cause for birdbath breakages!
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